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What to Expect

We welcome you to visit our practices in Birmingham and so you can discover relief, heal thoroughly and live a life of wellness. Please complete your paperwork ahead of time by downloading it here and bringing the completed forms with you on your first visit.

Your First Visit

Our staff will greet you when you arrive and ensure you feel welcome and comfortable in our family practice. You can expect your first visit to consist of the following: Consultation, examination, and X-rays taken by Dr. Bob. Please reserve around 40 minutes for this first visit.

Regular Visits

In most cases, Dr. Bob will recommend you visit twice a week for a month and then as you improve, you’ll visit less often. We’ll measure your progress based on our clinical findings, trigger point indicators, your posture and by checking in on your lifestyle. You can expect a regular visit to our office to last less than 20 minutes. Dr. Bob will help keep you up to date by sending you information on nutrition and how the nervous system controls the body, so you always understand where your health is. To learn more about us and see how our services can help you, contact our office today!

The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Bob Apol Birmingham (205) 251-1251