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Pediatric Chiropractic at Apol Chiropractic

Dr Apol adjusting young girlWith years of experience, Dr. Apol is experienced in offering chiropractic care for children. Your kids can experience significant benefits to their health and well-being by being under care from a young age.

A child’s developing spine protects the nervous system, which coordinates every process between the brain and body. Birth can be one of the most traumatic events that we will ever have to endure. In certain situations, this interference or trauma can lead to disruptions of normal function via the communication channels in the body. Even though the body may still function, the quality and level of function may not be the same. This unfortunately is something that Allopathic medicine may not address because it is mostly concerned with Pathology, which is the final expression of dysfunction.

Proactive Health Care for Your Child

Dr. Apol monitors and assesses the development of an infant and child, to ensure that they have the best head start in life. Considering the rate and speed of growth of the nervous system, especially in the first year of life, it makes sense to ensure that their bodies are adapting well. This may differ from what a pediatrician is looking at, which is generally disease process and infection.

Pediatric chiropractic care mostly is concerned with the grey area in between optimum health and observable disease — like a proactive insurance policy for children. Having children assessed for these imbalances gives them the opportunity to rectify before other changes become apparent.

Commonly Seen Conditions

Pediatric chiropractic improves common childhood symptoms of colic, asthma, and ear infections. Spinal misalignments or abnormalities such as scoliosis can be detected at a very early age thus minimizing future problems. Children generally sleep better when they’re adjusted, which means that parents can, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should children be under chiropractic care?

Dr. Apol is highly trained in techniques which are ideal for kids and infants. These are non-invasive and non-forceful, making treatment enjoyable and fun. Some common conditions which can be alleviated are colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed, poor sleep, plagiocephaly, digestion issues, energy, inability to concentrate, headaches and more – the list is seemingly endless!

How early can I bring in my child?

It’s never too early to check a baby or child. The sooner, the better! Most of our moms bring in their children for a checkup within weeks of giving birth. If everything is working well, Dr. Apol usually suggest that they come in a minimum of once a month but especially during a growth spurt or between 3-6 months of age.

What if they don’t have any symptoms?

Since Dr. Apol focuses mostly on wellness, most of his specialty lies in improving function and vitality. This is quite different to symptom-based care, which is more centered on helping someone take pain away. Therefore, our assessment is more centered on functional measures such as energy levels, ability to concentrate and focus, freedom of movement and co-ordination, reaching age appropriate developmental milestones, immune system function, facial and skull bone symmetry, balance, and so on.

Can my child see you even if they are currently taking medications?

Absolutely! Dr. Apol’s job is not to take them off their medications, but assist them so that their bodies can work better, which may mean over time that they may not need them. Dr. Apol have the pleasure of working with many specialists with the goal of supporting the child’s function and health.

Do I need to prepare my child for their first visit in any particular way?

There’s nothing in particular you should do. If you’re bringing an infant in, try not to feed them for about an hour before their appointment, which reduces the chances of them spitting up while in the office.

Do you have special adjusting techniques for kids?

Yes. Our pediatric adjustments are extremely gentle. There is no popping or twisting involved.

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