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Preconception Care at Apol Chiropractic

Couple smiling on couchThis period is about preparing a woman to be in the best shape to carry a pregnancy. We usually recommend a period of 3 months to strengthen the seven pillars of health and healing. By doing so, the woman’s hormonal, digestive and elimination systems will be ready for the extra burden of pregnancy. This involves the use of whole food supplements, herbal extracts and blood sugar balancing diet modification.

Along with nutritional fortification, certain Chiropractic adjustments to bring about good tone to the pelvic floor, and stress reduction techniques to ensure that a woman is emotionally invested in the outcome.

Apol Chiropractic Advice

If you haven’t been able to get pregnant, or are wanting to, here is some advice:

Don’t stress if you don’t get pregnant right away. After all, you’ve only got about a 20% chance each time you ovulate (unless you’re a teenager in the backseat of your parents’ car. Then we’re guessing your odds rise to about 72 percent).

Seriously, you have about a three-day window of fertility each cycle. You have to have sex at just the right time, and the sperm has to swim a long, long way to seal the deal. With the use of proper nutritional, herbal and chiropractic support, we address some of the underlying reasons which may affect your ability to conceive.

It’s best to start supporting your body with the correct balance of wholefood vitamins from Standard Process Laboratories at least two months before you start trying. There are 7 products we suggest that cover the extra nutritional needs during the preconception period.

If you are experiencing health concerns such as digestive problems, irregular cycles, crabby between meals (blood sugar problems), sugar cravings, fatigue, are having conception issues or in the past had trouble maintaining a pregnancy you will want to address those with a complete nutritional program prior to conception.

Most healthcare professionals recommend that you have fun and don’t worry too much about perfect timing in the first three months of trying. If you’re excited to boost your odds, though, here are a few tricks:

  • Sex during the three days before ovulation gives you the best chance of conception. Check your estimated ovulation date on our ovulation calculator.
  • Tilt your pelvis after sex, so that gravity can help the sperm swim towards your cervix.
  • Orgasm. The pulsing that results can also help the sperm swim to its destination (how this is achieved is, of course, up to you and your partner).
  • Lose the lube. Most lubricants (including saliva) act as barriers to your man’s little swimmers. If you must have some help, the lubricant Pre-Seed claims to be “sperm friendly,” or simply indulge in a little extra foreplay.

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