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Nutritional Therapy

What Should I Eat?

Salad with apple and nutsThe second pillar of nutritional therapy is blood sugar control. The long term effect of unstable blood sugar is degenerative disease: Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and the list goes on. At Apol Chiropractic I recommend most patients follow the Phase 2 Diet.

Phase 2 Diet

This plan is for most people. This is a list of foods you MAY have. Adhere to this list for meals and snacking. When you do, blood sugar will stabilize and the extra pounds will come off.

There are numerous website such as that can give you recipe ideas.

Don’t make it more difficult than it is. Don’t worry about calories, your concern is stable blood sugar. Just eat real food.

  • Spread food intake over 5 – 6 small meals.
  • Use foods with a glycemic index of 50 – 80 when consuming a single food.
  • When foods are mixed, the resultant glycemic index is the weighted average of the foods eaten together.
  • The goal is a resultant glycemic index of 50 – 80.
  • Include proteins with each meal in a weight ratio of 2:1 of carbohydrates to protein.
  • Above measures stabilize blood sugar levels by optimizing insulin to Glucagon/Cortisol responses.

Page Diet Plan

Here is a great overview of the Page Diet plan.

Phase 1 Diet

If you really want to jump start weight loss or we have talked about phase 1.

The glycemic index of a food tell us how fast it delivers sugar to the blood stream. A high number indicates it converts to blood sugar quickly and the lower numbers indicate slower. The greater the blood glucose level, the greater the insulin response. Thus, we want to choose foods with low glycemic indices. Click on Glycemic Index for a list of glycemic indices for a variety of foods. There are many specific benefits of consuming foods with low glycemic indices.

  1. Blood lipids are reduced in hypertriglyceridemia patients.
  2. Insulin secretion is reduced.
  3. Overall blood glucose control improves in insulin-dependent and noninsulin-dependent diabetic subjects.
  4. There is a reduction in abnormal blood glucose, insulin, and amino acid levels in patients with cirrhosis.
  5. Urinary urea excretion is reduced, presumably by increasing nitrogen trapping by colonic bacteria.
  6. Foods with low glycemic indices may enhance satiety
  7. Foods with low glycemic indices may increase athletic performance.

Fructose has a very potent effect on raising blood sugar levels. Over time, high levels of fructose in the diet will also put stress on the liver.

Food sensitivities are one of the biggest causes’ of chronic inflammation and immune response in the body. This article will help you navigate this important step to health and wellness.

Female portrait made out of foodFood allergy / sensitivity is one of the biggest causes of chronic immune / inflammatory burdens in the body. Removing these types of burdens helps with pH/acid-base issues and chronic immune / inflammatory burdens in the body

How do you determine your CORE food allergens? It is a simple process that you can do at home no charge. The majority of food allergies/intolerances are delayed sensitivity reactions. Elimination is the most accurate way for you to determine the delayed sensitivity reactions. Your core food allergen/intolerance complicates the healing process by increasing the overall body inflammation. Once you remove the core food allergen your body’s inflammation will reduce, and sensitivities to other foods will decrease as well.

Foods Effect on Body pH

The third pillar of nutritional health is pH / Acid – Base balance. Too much acid in the body can lead to anxiety, inflammation and intensity.The best way to control this is through food choices.

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