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Unlocking Immunity: A Vibrant Approach to Defeating Infections Naturally

In 1955, Dr. Royal Lee observed a global shift from natural foods to commercial products, coinciding with a surge in diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza. Today, the media often emphasizes sickness rather than health. But it’s time to shift our focus towards understanding the power of our immune systems and how we can support them naturally.

Understanding Epidemics Through History 

Digging into epidemics reveals a common thread: nutritional deficiency, worsened by political upheavals, environmental changes, and the industrial revolution. Weakened immune systems due to insufficient access to wholesome food have played a significant role in the spread and severity of infectious diseases throughout history.

Fortifying Against Infections

Addressing nutritional deficiencies is crucial in fortifying our immune systems against infections. Insufficient levels of vitamins A, C, and E, along with B6, folic acid, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, and probiotics can hinder antibody formation and increase vulnerability to infections. These deficiencies also contribute to severe illnesses, secondary infections, and viral mutations.

Supporting the Immune System

A “Lifestyle of Wellness” is key to supporting our immune systems. This involves efficient digestion, a nutrient-rich food plan, toxin avoidance, and supplementation with whole food concentrates. Specific supplements, such as Immuplex, Cyruta Plus, Cataplex C, and Lact-Enz, champion the entire immune system, shield lungs from free radicals, enhance immune resistance, and support gut health respectively.

Holistic Approach to Flu Prevention

To truly unlock our immunity, we must blend lifestyle changes with targeted supplementation. Embracing a “Lifestyle of Wellness” as outlined, along with incorporating Immuplex, Cyruta Plus, Cataplex C, and Lact-Enz, provides comprehensive immune support.

Symptom Management

In addition to prevention, specialized supplements like Thymex and Congaplex can assist the immune system’s robust response against bacterial and viral invaders. These supplements have a long history of supporting the body’s natural defenses and can aid in symptom management during infections.

It’s time to prioritize nutritional essentials and adopt a proactive approach to empower our immune systems against the looming threat of infections. It’s not just about fighting sickness; it’s about unlocking the full potential of our bodies to thrive naturally. To learn more about supporting your immune system and embracing vibrant health, visit Apol Chiropractic.


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