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The Basic Four

Four Products for Optimum Health and Maximum Longevity

pouring supplement pillsToday there are thousands of nutritional supplements for sale. Most of these are synthetic and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Of the natural supplements on the market, most are produced from poor quality vegetables and are processed in a way that destroys most of the vital nutrients. Many of these “natural” vitamin products are “fortified” synthetic vitamins so the labels can boast quantities that look like 100% of the RDA.

The Basic Four is a combination of products put together by many practitioners over five decades. The products included contain all the nutrients, photomorphogens, phytonutrients and trace elements that make vitamins and minerals work.

CATALYN: This is the first product made by Standard Process. It was first produced in 1930 and has been used millions of times.

Catalyn is a multivitamin product. You don’t have to worry about missing something in your program because it is all in Catalyn. It is made from alfalfa, carrot, yeast, wheat germ, bran, liver, mushroom, whole green pea plants, and much more.

There is nothing synthetic or manufactured in Catalyn and it is not produced with heat or chemicals. When the combinations of nutrients are balanced, the product is naturally low dose and high potency. This product can’t hurt you and won’t interfere with any medication. Best yet, Catalyn is the perfect catalyst for the other three products.

CARDIO-PLUS: Protects and strengthens your heart.

Cardio-Plus is a powerful nutritional complex to help people improve their heart function, strengthen their heart muscle action, and protect their heart from breaking down and wearing out. Cardio-Plus is four products in one, containing vitamins B, C, and E complexes combined with heart protomorphogen (tissue extract). It even contains the much-touted Co-Q10.

Cardio-Plus has been proven effective for more than 50 years. It helps balance the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart muscle and nerves that control it.

CHLOROPHYLL PERLES: Look younger and feel more energetic.

These perles are rich in the most lacking nutrients in the American diet – vitamins A, B12, E, K, chlorophyll, and magnesium. They serve to feed the organs and glands that produce hormones, help keep blood fats and cholesterol under control, maintain normal blood clotting and are essential before undergoing surgery.

Chlorophyll is a rich source of fuel and energy for your thyroid gland and male or female sex glands. If these glands are malnourished you will be tired, constipated, sick, suffer with headaches, menstrual and prostate problems, weight gain, urinary difficulties and poor skin.

Without adequate hormone production, you feel old, tired, washed out and have no sex drive. Chlorophyll Perles can help enhance hormone production, maintaining or even recapturing your zest for life and youthful look and energy.

Chlorophyll also helps detoxify the body. It helps protect cells from damage and early breakdown. It is a natural heart tonic. It is one of the richest forms of organic magnesium available. Chlorophyll also helps with anemia. It strengthens your blood by enhancing the proper maintenance of hemoglobin.

MIN-TRAN: helps you deal with stress.

Min-Tran is the answer to the most severe deficiency in this country – organic minerals and have magnesium and calcium in proper balance. It also contains zinc.

The minerals contained in this product come from sea kelp and alfalfa. Unlike other mineral products, Min-Tran contains over 42 trace elements. These trace elements are easily destroyed in the processing procedures of most other products. Without these trace elements (bio-chemical spark plugs) most of your nutrients can be rendered useless.

Min-Tran works in perfect harmony with Catalyn, Cardio-Plus and Chlorophyll Perles. Together they allow you to utilize calcium properly which helps you avoid kidney stones and cataracts, aids proper muscle and nerve function, maintaining healthy skin and building strong bones and teeth.

The calcium, magnesium, organic minerals, and trace elements in Min-Tran serve as a soothing tonic to help the body deal with stress more appropriately. Many people find it to be an effective sleep aid.

Dosage for the Basic Four

The products should be taken with food as follows:

Catalyn – 6 daily – 3 tablets taken twice a day.
Cardio-Plus – 6 daily – 3 tablets taken twice a day.
Chlorophyll Perles – 4 daily – 2 tablets taken twice a day.
Min-Tran – 4 daily – 2 tablets taken twice a day.

*Along with these I suggest including Cod Liver Oil 2 – 3 capsules per day.

If you choose to take all five products, the cost per week is $33.75 if you purchase large bottles of each. (There is a cost savings with big bottles)

High potency synthetic vitamins are only pieces and parts of real vitamins. For this reason, they are not as effective and while they may make a change in how you feel, they do not promote health. All the products in the Basic Four are made from organic foods and therefore contain all the naturally occurring nutrients needed for proper utilization and health building. Because of its completeness, a 30 mg tablet of natural vitamin C is far more useful than 3,000 mg of synthetic ascorbic acid.

Standard process lists only a small portion of the nutrients found in their products on the labels. This has more to do with the politics of labeling laws than the actual nutrient content of the product. For example, Min-Tran only lists calcium and magnesium on the label, yet it contains more than 42 nutrients. This is true for all the products included in the Basic Four.

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  1. Carol Sullivan says
    Jul 18, 2023 at 3:16 PM

    How do you purchase these? How much are the larger bottles?

  2. Dr. Bob says
    Jul 19, 2023 at 11:24 AM

    you can purchase them at my office or we can sign you up to buy direct from standard process.

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