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Life itself is merely the activity of enzymes – anything that inhibits enzymes is detrimental to life…. The enzyme itself is a functioning mechanism and not a chemical…. Most of our vitamins are parts of enzyme systems and parts of functioning mechanisms.

These mechanisms are subject to destruction by heat. And when any enzyme is heated it is destroyed.

Dr. Royal Lee

Good Food is only good if you can Digest It!

How is your digestion? Take this simple test:

  • I have gas, burping and bloating and/or cramping.
  • I get “heartburn,” “acid indigestion,” “acid reflux” after eating.
  • I take antacids more than once a week or take ‘acid blocker’ medication.
  • I do not have regular (at least daily) bowel movements.

You may benefit from digestive enzyme supplements

Woman inspecting supplement bottleGood health comes from good food, yet even the highest quality organically-grown food fails in its health building qualities if the whole food goodness does not reach your body tissues. Enzymes are the key to digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients that Nature intends for our health and vitality.

Good digestion and assimilation of nutrients is painless and quiet. In fact, with proper digestion you should eat a meal and not even be aware that your food is digesting.

With poor digestion one feels distressed and aggravated, sometimes during and most often after the meal. More people than ever are taking medications such as “acid blockers” so they don’t feel their poor digestive processes. People often are taking antacids, laxatives and medications to treat symptoms brought on by years of poor food choices and decreased enzyme production.

Bad digestion has a cumulative effect. Over time, the absence of nutritional essentials leads to poor digestion and conditions of deficiency. See the list in the previous article. As you can see, dozens of conditions result from nutritional deficiencies that lead to decreased enzyme production. The resulting indigestion is a sign that food is not being effectively assimilated and further deficiencies are developing. It is a vicious cycle.

Assimilation of the good food we eat today is negatively affected by years of poor food choices resulting in deficiency and degenerating health. Symptoms of bad digestion are the body calling out for help.

Take Health Building steps for better digestion and assimilation:

Eat properly prepared wholesome food. We have to take the first step of eating wholesome foods in order for the remaining steps to follow. Only if we eat wholesome foods-that is, foods that are rich in enzymes, coenzymes and other Health Building nutrients-can the body maintain health. And only a healthy body can produce sufficient enzymes to complete the digestive and assimilative processes.

Chew food thoroughly. Yes, your mother was right. Chewing food breaks down the various components of the meal and mixes it with saliva, beginning the digestive and assimilative process.

Build healthy enzyme-secreting glands by eating good food, avoid toxins and supplement your meals with whole food concentrates which build your health.

Remember to:

Eat simply – Whole foods like salads, steamed vegetables, raw fruits and nuts have living enzymes which processed foods do not. Do your best to not overeat.

Drink fluids at the beginning of your meals, not at the end, and do so sparingly. More than a few sips of fluid during and at the end of meals tends to dilute the digestive juices and cause many cases of indigestion. (Some serious cases of indigestion are helped by simply following this advice— TRY IT.)

Supplement digestive enzymes with each meal to help your body get the most goodness from the food you are eating, REGARDLESS of any symptoms.

Our office uses digestive enzyme support products from Standard Process (SP). SP has prepared its products to provide enzymes for digestive support, and to help the glands and organs of your body repair the effect of years of digestive abuse.

Zypan - Since 1958 Zypan contains enzymes to support the digestion and absorption of proteins and enhance the health of the stomach for proper digestion. The stomach sets up the digestion for success or failure. Supplementing with enzymes like Zypan is an important step toward aiding your digestive functions to get started off right.

A-F Betafood - Introduced in 1951 A-F Betafood contains beet juice which is a good source of betaine. Betaine has been shown to be an effective agent to promote the transportation and use of fats, helping to enhance liver and gallbladder health. The typical American’s diet of processed foods laden with hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated (synthetic)fats are a constant stress to the body which makes A-F Betafood a nutritional essential for most people.

Multizyme – Cooking food is known to destroy important enzymes for digestion and assimilation. Multizyme, used by doctors since 1963 as a digestive support product contains fig, defatted almonds, pancreatin (3x), fatty acids, bromelain, lipase, cellulase, papain and amylase. All are digestive enzymes necessary for the proper breakdown and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.

If you are having problems digesting, give the office a call we may be able to help.
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