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Don't Let Children Suffer Nutritional Deficiencies

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In America, we have had this monstrous condition of malnutrition with us so long that we have become tolerant of it. Commercial interests promoting these foods are so powerful in their various activities that we are flooded with propaganda and advertising material to blind us to the truth.”
Dr. Royal Lee – 1958

Children are our greatest asset and the source of our future success, yet the health and well-being of this greatest asset is failing. Research indicates that lack of proper nutrition has spawned dramatic increases in nutritionally related diseases, misbehavior, and reliance on medication to control behavior of our children. Parents must nurture their children and provide the environment, food and education that will build a strong and healthy society.

The best way to provide proper health education to our youth is to be a good example of health ourselves and to feed our children healthy foods whenever possible. Our children will learn from our example and do the same for their children.

Feeding our children, a Lifestyle of Wellness

Even though the research is clear, we find parents allowing their children’s health to degenerate from the lack of these same nutritional essentials while claiming to do their best. Parental authority has been unwittingly surrendered to the food industry. The fast-food giants have done their best to rule the minds of the consumer and for that our children suffer.

Competition from Unworthy Authorities

The training of our children in the value of wholesome food has been taken over by unworthy authorities whose priority is profit from the sale of foods which are refined, artificial and unhealthful. Thanks to the unholy alliance of school districts with the fast-food industry, our schools are filled with junk foods. Advertisements and role models for children demonstrate drinking soft drinks and eating foods known to have little or no nutritional value and many health detriments. Thankfully, determined groups of parents and teachers are beginning to take back control of our schools’ food programs from commercial interests determined to fill them with Brand Names and LOGOs. But is this enough?

Parents must take control of this dismal situation themselves. With obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, learning disabilities, behavior problems and absenteeism on the rise, is it too late? The answer is simple; it is never too late. We must go to battle against unwholesome foods! Saving our children by training them in the habits of wholesome foods and whole food concentrate supplements may be the most important thing we can do as parents to protect and direct our children’s future health, career, and family.

First – Remember you are not alone – we are here to help you do your best to support your child’s important need for the nutritional essentials. Together let’s take a step to better your child’s future health.

Steps to Love That Child – Feed Them

  • A nutritious breakfast – protein
  • Fruits and vegetables everyday – 5 to 9 servings per day – heavy on the vegetables, light on the fruit
  • Foods high in natural fats – Butter, Nuts, Seeds, Fish
  • Pure Water
  • Smoothies – Fruit, plain Greek yogurt (full fat content), Cyrofood
  • Follow the Phase 2 diet – starch elimination diet

Protect Them From Junk/ Snack Foods

  • Reduce or eliminate cookies, cakes, candy, crackers and chips.
  • Avoid soft drinks, food coloring and preservatives.
  • Reduce fast food – Fries, fried foods, burgers, “milk shakes”
  • Follow the Phase 2 diet – starch elimination diet
An improved society begins with our children increasing the consumption of whole foods and whole food concentrates.

How Do I Get My Children to Eat Right?

Parents know how difficult it is it to get their children to sit down to a meal, let alone take the time to chew their food and eat enough fruits and vegetables. That is why whole food concentrates could be the answer parents are looking for. Whole food concentrates are just that – wholesome food that is prepared in such a way as the essential Heath Building qualities are protected and in fact enhanced. These whole food concentrates can easily be carried and consumed by our children at school.

Catalyn – is a whole food concentrate containing the Health Building qualities of green peas, mushrooms, oats, wheat, alfalfa, carrots, wheat germ, nutritional yeast, rice bran, liver and beef lipids. Each of these foods are organically grown in rich soil and prepared in such a way that just a few tablets per day can provide a big boost to the health of our children.

Tuna Oil – Essential fatty acids are just that, essential to health. One great way of making certain our children enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids is to include a few Tuna Oil perles with their food each day. Essential fatty acids are important for proper brain function*, cardiovascular health, hormone development and many other essential functions.

SP Green Food – It is recommended that we consume 5 – 9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to meet the nutritional demands of our bodies – especially during the years of growth and development. SP Green Food is made from whole food complexes with their synergistic cofactors to support growth and development, immune system response, antioxidant protection and detoxification activities. SP Green Food has the benefits of brussels sprouts, kale and alfalfa sprouts (all organically grown).

Min-Tran – Containing the minerals found in sea kelp, alfalfa, magnesium citrate and calcium lactate – Min-Tran helps the brain function better (see Patients Speak). Consider Min-Tran and SP Green Food to make up for all the salads and vegetables your child has not eaten.

Multizyme – Improved digestion and assimilation of the foods we eat is an essential to health. Multizyme is a digestive enzyme product that contains many of the important factors children need to promote proper digestion and assimilation.

Standard Bar- Whole food health bars a convenient means to providing high protein carbohydrate-controlled supplement to your child’s foods

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