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What will this program look like?

The nutrition program that you are preparing to embark upon is a bold and direct approach to significantly overhauling your body. By the end of eight or nine months you will have cleansed, repaired, and fortified almost every gland and organ in your body. Resultant from this will be a great deal of prevention from future health issues, including reducing the likelihood of experiencing some of the big problems like cancer, heart problems and diabetes. As well you will probably experience a degree of strengthening in your physical stamina and strength as well as your emotional/spiritual state of mind.

Each of the visits will seek to identify your primary imbalances (the ones that are causing other imbalances downstream) and a strategy of nutrient supplementation will be recommended to target and improve the function of a specific system or tissue. While nutritional measures are gentle, when applied constantly and chronically they can yield almost miraculous results. This practice has taught us what is possible through nutritional therapy, and still daily it teaches more.

Symptom Survey Analysis

The strategy for moving through this process uses detailed symptom survey analysis to identify grouping of symptoms which may be called weaknesses, and Muscle Testing which tests specific organs, glands, and systems for their energetic competence and thus identifies areas of need. These needs then are prioritized into an order of importance to determine where to begin, and the process of step by step strengthening is underway.

The first foundational steps for everyone, no matter what the unique state of our health may be, is balancing the glandular system including down-regulating the adrenal system and balancing glycemic regulation, enhancing digestive competence, promoting liver cleansing, and providing nutrient (mineral and vitamin and food) sufficiency to fuel all these functions. Although each person is unique in where they begin, there are some common processes we all have to go through.

The following is a typical sequence of approach so that you may have some concept of the plan, although each person is unique and progresses at their own pace.

Month 1-3 Endocrine balancing, alkaline promotion and general mineral replenishment, Unburdening the liver and digestive system of its toxic load

Month 4-6 Creating independence from sugar forming, high glycemic foods thus reducing insulin and cortisol imbalance, Identification of food allergies and removal of the primary inflammation engines, Parasite infestation and infection removal through up-regulation of the immune system, Correction of gut flora imbalance and dysbiosis,

Month 7-9 Addressing circulatory issues as a long-term preventative measure especially with the heart and brain and legs, Begin specific correction of chronic conditions like arthritis or autoimmune issues, Deep organ work like spleen and lymphatic system repair

Maintenance care usually starts without complication around the ninth month and is a graduation into less frequent office visits (every 2 to 4 months) and more of basic nutritional support to lead your lifestyle with occasional elective system repair and fortification processes that usually last one or two months each.

During maintenance care there may be some special projects which show up depending upon each person’s own unique state of health. These usually relate to long-term weakened systems or degenerative processes in the body. In all of my years of doing this work it never stops amazing me how regenerative and renewing the body can be. Indeed perhaps our greatest education comes here when we experience what the body can do – it has taught me to never underestimate the body and settle for limited states of health without trying these proven foundational therapies. Many times what we accept as ‘just the way my body is’, is simply imbalance which has existed over many years and can change when supported.

While there are many variables in the course of the nutritional therapy generally it follows these guidelines. Our intention is for total correction of your symptomatic profile with the potential for medication reduction under your medical doctor’s direction by the time we finish the nine months. It is so exciting to see what your body is capable of as it regards the innate healing potential, and indeed that renewal reminds us of how remarkably we were designed. For many patients this represents training in a culture which allows people more alternatives when they face greater health challenges in the future.

Most exciting of all is the enhancement to personality and presence that balanced health brings. Children are more at ease and attentive, adolescents are more calm and balanced, adults are more self-aware and empowered, leading to more fulfilling and generous living. Many are delighted to what they awaken to when their body is no longer in survival physically, and it is this ultimate contribution to selfhood that is our goal. When our glands are balanced and our organs clean and running smoothly, when our bodies are resilient because the physiology is buffered and stable we deal easily with pollution in the food and environment, and we handle stressful situations with graceful ease.

The Strategy is to be all we were made to be…

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