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Functional Nutrition

Consideration for a Nutritional Approach

Whenever we are challenged with a major obstacle in life such as a health crisis it can be very difficult trying to decide what decision to make. This is when the application of a process called gradualism can be employed as a way to approach the difficulty of decision. There is an old saying that says, “If you think you have a decision to make, you don’t have all the facts.”

Nutritionally we recommend that one begin the process of fact-finding in the most conservative way possible. If surgery were recommended before we would consider that sort of interventional process it would be best to attempt more conservative and less invasive therapies. If there was response to these more modest approaches then there is encouragement to suggest not proceeding with surgery. Today there are so many surgical and drug interventions that are not necessary, but are what we consider the modern standard of care. It is very important to prevent unnecessary procedures when possible by practicing more modest interventions, so that finally the least invasive approach is used.

Many interventions actually have side effects and long-term developmental problems. For example while on one hand heart bypass surgery has saved many people’s lives, after the introduction of arterial graphs there is the potential within 12 to 15 years that scar tissue and deterioration of the graft will render these graphs inadequate. So if you could correct the problem of circulation with a lesser measure of chelation or oral chelation one could achieve better than the limited number of years expected from surgical grafts. It is said that any time a scar from surgery occurs that scar tissue forms and continues to hypertrophy over time.

Nutritional Approach

In my experience there is the opportunity of making strategic decisions as we move through our middle age years so that we do not limit ourselves with the repercussions of unnecessary surgeries. The same can be true of something like high blood pressure medication. Certainly high blood pressure can be dangerous, but if it could be reduced through mineral balancing to help reduce the acid load of the body or through nutrients that relax the adrenals, then there would not be the long-term degenerative process so commonly associative with the use of hyper-tensive drugs — having to use more and more drugs to keep the blood pressure lower which result in secondary difficulties of the body such as kidney and circulatory disorders including sexual dysfunction and loss of stamina. It is not to suggest that these complicated conditions in ourselves are simply corrected with nutrients, but it is to suggest that we should always try the most modest approach first before moving to more aggressive challenging approaches.

If you are facing a health challenge of any magnitude we always advise using a nutritional approach when making decisions you must make. Begin with lifestyle changes, whole food nutrients and then use herbs and then drugs and finally surgery. Two things are accomplished by this: unnecessary procedures are prevented, and two, if a more interventional approach is required one can be confident that is time to employ such as severe intervention knowing that lesser measures did not work. I have found a conservative approach to bring a great deal of congruency to the mind of people who have to make surgical decisions, knowing that whatever the eventuality was, was necessary after trying to resolve things as naturally as possible.

Effective Nutritional Interventions for Physiological Balance

The other value of a nutritional approach is that while approaching a surgical or drug intervention this simple attempt of nutritional strengthening results in a greater physiological readiness to surround the intervention of the drug or surgery. Whenever using these more intense interventions it is always best to be as strong and balanced as possible. Most people do not try this approach because they are not aware of how effective nutritional interventions can be in creating physiological balance. I found that the potency of accurately applied nutritional tools can profoundly change symptoms and systems.

There is an expression in medicine “no procure harme”, which is Latin meaning “above all do no harm”. With the interventions that we must employ with our bodies throughout a lifetime let us follow wisdom and above all do no harm while using the red carpet approach to use the least measure possible.

7 Pillar Approach

To put a nutritional strategy into action, I adhere to a 7 pillar approach to the foundation of health, and from this approach over the past several years and experience with many different people we have found the body capable of correcting virtually all of the misalignments from healthy function that humans experience. During our journey together these 7 pillars of foundational health function will be addressed and balanced as well as possible, while also addressing the specific complaint that may have compelled you to seek care. Most people vastly underestimate the body’s ability to successfully achieve change and improvement because they have only tried fighting symptoms and disease while ignoring the underlying functions. This is what we base our success upon.

The following 7 pillars of foundational health are listed in order of deemed physiological priority, with the most important described first:

1. Endocrine/Hormonal Health – The hormones are the most powerful control system of the body and must be balanced in order to activate the body’s other powerful systems of repair and healing. Most people lead challenging lives complicated by hormonal disruption and glandular depression. Gradually we will detoxify the hormone disrupters that interfere and block normal hormone activation, while also tropically strengthening and repairing the seven levels of glands that comprise the endocrine/hormone system.

2. Glycemic Management – The ability of the body to properly control blood sugar and thus regulate insulin and Cortisol levels is essential to reducing stress and promoting longevity. Many longevity considerations seek to limit the typical elevation of Cortisol and insulin spikes that lead to premature aging and the complexity of secondary symptoms like lipid/cholesterol imbalance resulting in heart disease.

3. Mineral Balance/pH Status – This principally concerns itself over the body’s ability to neutralize the net acid excess that builds up in normal life. When we become too acidic we experience increased inflammation, irritability and emotional intensity. The most powerful effect over this acidity excess if accomplished through the alkalizing effects of certain food and minerals products such as Min-Tran, Organic Minerals and Calcium Lactate (from Standard Process Laboratories).

4. Inflammatory Status – As we age inflammatory levels increase due to the cumulative repair deficit occurring in our lifestyles. Indeed many believe that an elevated inflammatory level is the entry level doorway to almost all degenerative diseases. Inflammation is powerfully affected by allergens, which act as engines that up regulate our inflammatory mechanisms. Identification and removal of the basic inflammatory engines can reduce inflammation and address the repair deficit.

5. Immune Burdens – Due to incomplete immune process and the use of physiology-interrupting drugs, infections, infestations of parasites, and toxicity can be carried in the body as a low grade subclinical burden. Even though we may be unaware of these burdens, they nonetheless exhaust immune functions running down the bone marrow and leaving the body vulnerable to other more lethal issues.

6. Circulatory Status – Recently understanding has expanded to see that loss of circulation can cause tissue weakness and even death (necrosis) resulting in the onset of a complexity of diseases. More and more people are using natural remedies to successfully reverse circulatory blockages and bring renewal and healing to the oxygen/nutrient starved tissues distal to the blockages. In any longevity discussion circulatory status must be addressed.

7. Tropho-Restorative Cycles – The body knows how to repair and correct its’ own imbalances. There are specific steps the body must go through to heal and repair, yet so often these normal corrective functions are misunderstood and thwarted with drugs or lifestyle that interrupts the normal process. Fever is an example of a commonly misunderstood process of correction. When you suppress a fever, you also interrupt the healing process. It is vital that we become familiar with the difference between a healing crisis of repair and a disease crisis so that the normal self-correcting processes can be allowed to complete themselves and complete correction can be realized.

For many health and disease are mysteries that make them uneasy about the stability of life. t is only because they have never understood how this body was designed to maintain itself. If we are healthy it is because we have employed the laws that occasion healthy function, which include each of the above 7 pillars. If disease occurs it is always because the foundations that maintain health have been compromised. It is good to stop living in terror with the mystery of who gets sick and why others don’t. Health has a cause!

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