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Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

What are common signs of development delay?

Even though Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) is not something that is diagnosed until the child reaches three years of age. There are several signs which can be evident earlier on which can affect a child’s confidence and behavior, ability to focus and retain information, social development, fine and gross motor development, co-ordination issues and postural tone. One of the common areas that tends to affect NDD is the retention of Neonatal Reflexes.

The signs and symptoms of these are listed below:
    • Poor spelling & comprehension
    • Quick temper/easily frustrated
    • Depression, anxiety or stress
    • Motion Sickness
    • Confusion between right and left
    • Reversals of letters/numbers
    • Behavioral and self-esteem problems
    • Speech problems and language delays
    • Poor visual function/processing skills
  • Hyperactivity & impulsivity
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Poor posture
  • Poor written expression & handwriting
  • Poor spatial awareness
  • Bedwetting past five years of age
  • Poor hand-eye co-ordination
  • Difficulty learning how to ride a bike
  • Poor gross and fine motor skills


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